Wednesday, December 19, 2007

jackie goes postal

today my friend tina and i went to carolina cafe where we often meet for lunch--it gets super crowded, so we go early, snag a table and get in line. one table had 4 laptops on it, so we assumed ppl are sitting there, right? but in the WHOLE time we were there, no one sat down there. and then a guy from the next table over, got up, picked up a cell phone from that empty table, and sat back down. it turned out that 4 business guys were having a meeting over lunch at the next table, and they left their laptops at the table beside them, a booth at a prime location in the restaurant. there were at least 5 groups of ppl are standing around with nowhere to sit, holding their food. people kept checking to see if that booth was occupied. these guys finished their food, then move back over into the table with the laptops just as we were leaving, and i lost my shit. i told them they should win some kind of rudeness award, and that i thought sometimes something just needed to be said to people who acted like that. they were hostile of course, and one of them even tried to deny that they had been occupying the table next to them. at that point, i ALMOST started talking smack about their mamas, but then i decided that would just put me on their level. i don't usually lose it at people like that, but this time i just could not help it. it was all i could do not to yell, "happy motherfucking holidays, assholes!" as i walked out the door. but i showed some restraint. go me.


Anonymous said...

Wow - that is bad! I might be able to top it though. I worked on the Empty Stocking Fund which gives toys to needy children in Atlanta. I had one mother go off on me because I waited on her to get off her cell phone so she could make sure she got all the right things for her kids. She was in a hurry.

I'm sorry - but if you have kids and are in line for freebies, then please don't show off your excess "wealth". If you have a cell phone or pretty nails or nice clothes, how about doing without those things FIRST before you take handouts.

Anne Kenealy Lindenfeld said...

Go, Hormones! When I was hugely pregnant, I went off similarly on a prostitute who was sitting on my next door neighbors' stoop. (We were living in the really nice, child-friendly neighborhood.) This hooker was the sad-case, crack-addicted kind and had been hanging on our block for a couple of weeks.

I was coming home from work, just wanted to put my dogs up, and seeing this gal hailing passing cars and picking her nails just set me off. By the time I had her hightailing it up the street, I turned around to see two older ladies, deacons at the church down the street, standing behind me. I was sure they would chastise me for my lack of Christian understanding. Instead, they both busted a gut laughing and patting me on the back for my preggie cahones. They laughed their church lady hats right off their heads.

Don't ever piss off a pregnant woman, I say!

Kristin said...

hell hath no fury like a pregnant woman raging with the hormones!!!!!

KaKi said...

Good for you! I say use your "preggie cahones" for good!! Happy Holidays!