Thursday, January 26, 2006

apparently i suck at the tango

last night, the hippie and i started our second dance class. in the first one, we learned the basic steps of six dances: foxtrot, swing, rhumba, cha cha, waltz, and tango. we missed two classes, which means we missed the whole tango. now, we are in the second level class, where we are going to be learning more advanced steps in the same six dances. last night's class was great, lots of review and lots of dancing. and it's nice that this class is almost entirely comprised of our favorite people from the first class. but man--that tango! she went over the basic steps for it, and no one remembered it well AT ALL. and dude--i really suck at it! so bad! it's supposed to be this seductive dance that says--i love you, but i hate you--come back to me so i can thrust you away! but MY tango is more like i am saying--shit! don't drop me! i am hanging on for dear life over here! help! where did all these feet come from!?? surely this will get better!

we are planning to go hit a salsa club with our instructors and some people from our class on friday night. that'll be interesting, especially since we don't know how to salsa yet--thank god for the club's free lesson! i'll let you know how it goes.

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