Monday, January 09, 2006

happy new year! (yes, i do know i'm late!)

yeah i know. i took FOREVER to get our new year's pictures downloaded, edited, and uploaded. EVERYONE and THEIR MOTHER is after me about it. so y'all can relax now! flaurella, tell W4D to chill out--miss toes is back on the scene. :)

so. we rang in the new year with the pseudo-in-laws at the ramada in in altoona, pennsylvania. not my first choice of venue, but still--it was WAY better than expected, probably because of the fabulous company! well--that and the fact that we brought a lot of our own alcohol. that helped. anway--it was a buffet and a DJ and a cash bar till 2am. the DJ gave us a bit of a scare by being called "starship enterprises," which caused a minor panic over whether or not our new year's party was going to be star trek themed. however, his name had nothing to do with anything, as far as i could tell. he was an 80s and 90s era DJ with no vanilla ice and no funky cold medina. LAME. but man, my hippie's family loves to dance!!! so we cut that dance floor to pieces in spite of the not-so-fabulous tune selection.

the other travesty of the evening was that those bitches were serving martinis in PLASTIC CUPS! i'm sorry, but for $174 a couple, some glassware would not only have been greatly appreciated, but was also fucking DESERVED! denise and i were forced to consume our martinis out of the tiny baby martini glasses they gave us as party favors. babytinis will still apparently get the job done if how quickly i passed out at the end of the evening was any indication. i guess it IS kind of like doing shots all night, come to think of it...

this new year's, i also learned about some food traditions. i remember something my grandmother used to vaguely reference about eating pork on new year's, but my family never bothered with this. now i know--if you are from PA, you are supposed to have roasted pork and saurkraut. if you are from The South, apparently it's hoppin' john, collard greens, and cornbread. i am apparently not as good a Sothern womanas i thought--i had to look up what hoppin' john IS! but no worries--next year--i am ON IT!

more blogging to come soon--i promise.
oh, and here's the link to all the new year's pictures.

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Flaurella said...

We have babytini glasses in our little portable toonie case. The little glasses are fun as long as you have a decent sized shaker.

Looks like y'all had a fun NYE.

Here's to 2006!