Tuesday, January 17, 2006

moral dilemma

so last week, i ordered these shoes from kenneth cole. aren't they FABULOUS??! totally frivoulous purchase, shoes i don't remotely need but just WANT. so anyway--i went onto the website and tried to order them, and got a bunch of error messages. so i tried again an hour later, and got a bunch more errors. finally, i just called and ordered them over the phone. i asked the guy i talked to to make sure they had not charged me for the shoes already and to just start over. all seemed well. but then, i looked at my bank account and noticed that they charged me three times. i called back and said--hey assholes--you charged me three times--take two of these off here. so they removed ALL the charges. so i called back and told them, but they still never charged me. today, i got two pairs of shoes in the mail. *sigh* so now what do i do? do i waste 4 hours trying to straighten this out, or do i just send the extra shoes to the sam instead?

aside: maybe i should just keep my mouth shut and hang onto everything as revenge for the Painted Heel Incident i had with them a couple of years ago for which they refused to compensate me. that one left me angry, as i paid almost two hundred smacks for a pair of strappy black sandals, and the paint wore off the heel to reveal the cheap white plastic heel underneath the very first time i wore them. their customer service department refused to do anything at all about it, so i finally just colored them with a sharpie.

stupid kenneth cole.


Nicole said...

I'd sell 'em on ebay, retribution for screwing you over with the lack of customer service regarding the black strappy numbers.

But that's just me ;)

Kristin said...

It's karma....do not address the company, sell them or send them to someone. They're getting what they have coming to them.