Sunday, January 22, 2006

moral dilemma solved by kenneth cole getting their shit together for once--sort of

ok--so they charged me for two pairs of shoes now. and i have two pairs. one will be going back to th evil corporation, accompanied by a very nasty letter. (sorry sam!!!) what an enormous pain in the ass that i now have to go to the post office to return shoes I NEVER ORDERED IN THE FIRST PLACE! and what an enormous pain in the ass that i will now have to deal with them taking forever to return my money for said shoes. they are taking up valuable yarn bucks with that hold on my cashola. those bitches are really lucky i love their shoes so much, or i may never have ordered any more of them ever again. UGH!


denise said...

I would've taken the lovely shoes too:) i believe our sizes are close enuf, LOL. have to check them out, nothing like totally frivolous shoes!

Kristin said...

that sucks...but of course they can get their shit together to benefit themselves