Thursday, January 12, 2006

small miracles

as i have driven into work this week, i have been listening to the radio in the car, which i don't actually do all that often. the radio mostly sucks, especially in the morning when the goofy DJs who never play music and only talk are on. however, this week i have been turning it on for some reason--don't ask me why... anyway--each morning, i have heard one song that has stood out from the noise--one song that i adore and never tire of and alsmost never hear on the radio--old songs, and great ones. monday, it was dragula, by rob zombie--it's a miracle i didn't get a speeding ticket! tuesday it was sweet jane, the cowboy junkies version, which is really the ony version you really ever need as it RULES! wednesday, it was new year's day, by U2, which is my 100% favorite song by them and has been since way longer ago than i really feel like thinking about right now. and then wednesday in the car, i called the hippie to tell him about my good music fortunes over the week. and i said to him, "if i hear sweet emotion by aerosmith tomorrow on the way into work, i will know something's up." and people--guess what i heard on the way in this morning?! yes--that's right. clearly, i am blessed or something.

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