Tuesday, January 10, 2006

in other news:

the hippie gave me these beautiful vivid pink roses for no reason at all on saturday. i love him! :)

today is my friend aimee's birthday--she's spending it at disney world with her hubby and two fabulous little boys. happy birthday, aimee!!!

my african violet is blooming. again!!!

my friend kerstin started a blog. it's called meandering aimlessly go read it RIGHT NOW.

my washing machine drain is clogged, and it's flooding my basement every time i wash clothes, and apparently the plumber they sent is a moron since he could not fix it in 3 hours of jerking off in my basement while i worked upstairs onthe couch. this is annoying the crap out of me.

also annoyed that the landlord was supposed to come look at this on saturday, but has instead, fled the face of the earth. grrrrrrrr.

i am tired of being out of town on weekends. i refuse to go anywhere till the end of january.

less than 6 weeks till the sam, the steve, and the steve's bride-to-be come to visit. YAY!

makin' plans to go to europe. whoo hoo!!!

still knitting, but have been slow since the holidays. a tiny bit burned out.

startin' to get caught up...slowly...surely...

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