Monday, January 23, 2006

my first sweater

my little eggplant hat has inspired me to make a matching sweater. i figure, it's a good idea to make a baby-sized sweater before you jump into a me-sized one anyway, and it's something that i put on my list of things to accomplish this year. so on saturday, i went to the yarn store in search of a rolled neck baby sweater that was made top-down, preferrably in one piece, using worsted weight yarn. et voilá--what you see here is what i found. it's from knitting pure & simple, and it's called (very creatively, i might add), baby pullover #214. i am now a sleeve and a half away from having a finished baby sweater to my credit. (guess what i did all weekend?) i think i am going to embroider a little row of vegetables around the bottom of this thing just to push it over the edge into so-cute-i-can't-stand-it territory. and folks--i gotta say--this sweater thing? it's addictive! i mean it--i think i may be hooked on garment manufacturing for a long time. i may even be ready for this--i'll keep you posted!


Nicole said...

I am VERY impressed! I haven't quite moved past the dishcloth & scarf stage of knitting.

Great job!

Meredith said...

It looks great! May I place an order for one of the striped sweaters? :) I will never have that kind of patience.

Anonymous said...

Adorable hat and sweater!