Wednesday, August 09, 2006

back in black

hey. i'm not really IN black today, but that sounded way better than just "back". boston was awesome in spite of a somewhat rocky start involving a nasty overnight sickness, which i suspect was related to a combination of PMS and a bad chicken sandwich. let's just say that wednesday night was an all around suck-fest. the rest was great though!

SIGGRAPH was really interesting--i spent the bulk of my time in the art gallery and the emerging technologies sections and going to all the art-related talks i could fit in. these are my people--people who are synthesizing art and physics and textile design and electronics into one lovely mess. the biggest stand-out to me was jeff lieberman from MIT media labs. he was showing a piece of art called slink, which involved a vibrating spring, 2000 strobed bright blue LEDs, a diffusion screen and a big-ass steel plate, hand-rusted in jeff's own bathtub. i was lucky enough to hear him speak in one of the art talks i attended, and then i ran into him in the gallery and got to talk to him in person as well--that was just icing on the cake. this is the first time i have ever gone to a conference just for fun, and i have to say--totally worthwhile. i would definitely go to SIGGRAPH again.

on thursday after the conference ended, the hippie and i went out for a fabulous date night in boston's north end. we had an amazing dinner at a tiny hole in the wall where the service was mean but the food was fantastic, then grabbed some canolis from mike's and ate them down on the water. went for a walk, spent a little time in a cigar bar, and then bar hopped our way down to the irish pub across the street from our fabulous little hotel. this pub was actually full of irish people--not something you see much of here in the South. friday we hit the aquarium with my friend aimee and her kids, which was awesome, and then she dropped us off with the sam--we spent the weekend out in the burbs with her. we went to walden pond (which was beautiful and would have been more fabulous had it not been filled with assholes) and to see clerks 2, ate a couple of nice dinners, hung out on the patio with her roommate and his friends, who were all just wonderful people. went into boston for brunch and shoe shopping on sunday and headed home. any weekend from which i walk away with new shoes is a good weekend.

last night, the sam flew down here--she and the hippie are at ozzfest today, no doubt banging their heads and drinking their body weights in cheap beer out in the hot hot sun. i dropped them off this morning like a good mom, and i will go get them later, too. can't have my peeps driving around all filled with cheap beer, now can i? let's hear it for what a fabulous girlfriend/friend i am! :)

ps--didn't finish the toddler sweater in time, but also didn't manage to see the toddler, so all is well. i just have half of one sleeve to go!

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Flaurella said...

It's been many years since I have been to Walden Pond, many years. Last time I was there, we saw 4 other people over the course of several hours. I hope it hasn't become too commercial, too crowded.

Perfect name for your new kicks. "Laurelei" is related to Flaurella. :))

Sounds like a nice trip. I've always like Boston. Travel safely.