Tuesday, August 29, 2006

ready to move to the beach!

cape lookout, shells
i wrote a big long post about our weekend and how fabulous it was, and then i lost said post through a keyboard spasm that resulted in my accidentally closing the window. then i wrote it again, and flickr refused to cooperate with me, so i lost it again. and folks, i just ain't got the energy today to write it all one more time--i'm goin' for quick and dirty. suffice it to say that beautiful weather + beaufort + the cedars inn + a porch cat + sailing + the beach + a lighthouse + a rocking chair with a great view + exquisite tapas + shopping = happy people. other highlights include dan seeing the ocean for the first time in his life, tristan's 10th birthday, and the hippie acquiring yet another protegé, 14-year-old thomas, who is all fired up about 3D graphic design. (i tell you, the hippie's going to be able to start his own game development company within 5 years if he keeps this up.) it was a GREAT weekend, and i was actually sorry to get home sunday night. i could definitely live at the beach!

here's the whole set of beaufort pictures if you're interested.


Meredith said...

I could live at the beach, too. We should talk about this more. :)

The pictures are fantastic, by the way!!

Flaurella said...

I'm off to look at your FLICKR pix. It all sounds fabulous before I even look.

You and The Hippie along with W4D (he can cook and bartend) can live at the beach and come vist me in the NC mountains when you get tired of sun and sand. Actually, wish I was at the beach this weekend for Ernesto. I love the beach when it is frothy and rough and angry.

Off to get jealous of beach pix...

Jenny said...

Was that Beaufort NC (I bet) or SC. Generally, I would IMMEDIATELY think it is Beaufort NC, but since my Sister-in-law moved to Beaufort SC (pronounced differently) and since they are both beach towns, I always wonder which people are talking about.

Beaufort NC - pronounced (bow-fort)
Beaufort SC - pronounced (bew-fort)

Sigh - either way - wish I were there too.