Tuesday, August 15, 2006

happy birthday, hippie!

yesterday was the hippie's birthday--he's a whopping 32 years old now. still a babe. heh. i hate it when birthdays fall on crappy days of the week--like monday. you sort of have no choice but to have a low key birthday in those cases. i took him to dinner to the grape, which is this new wine bar/restaurant that opened up within walking distance of us. (took this picture of him smirking at me while we were walking through the 'hood.) it's pretty nice--they have an enormous wine list, and we had some spectacular lamb chops and a couple of great wines. however, the hippie was pretty disappointed in the lack of ports and sherries for an after dinner libation. we opted for drinks and dessert at home on the couch with some grey's anatomy--very enjoyable. and then--i am ashamed to admit that i twarted all romantic notions by falling asleep! what a wimp!!! guess i need to make it up to him. heh. anyway--we'll have a much rowdier evening when we use the concert tickets i got him for his birthday--i promise! and in case i haven't mentioned it before, my hippie is awesome!

hippie--i sure do love you! happy fourth birthday together!!!

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Flaurella said...

A slightly belated, Happy Birthday to the cutest Hippie I "know."

For a dandy bithday gift, I think you should give him the gift that keeps on givng... Nekked Wimmen Cooking Fish! Okay, one naked woman cooking fish will suffice. I hear tell it is the gift that keeps on giving.

Happy Birthday to yer Beau!
Rock on, Hippie Dude.