Thursday, August 17, 2006

showers with flowers and cake

we have been to so many weddings this year, and we still have two more to go! kind of funny for two people who are perfectly happy living in sin and NOT being married. :) anyway--the next wedding is eric and kylie's--the only one we are actually IN this year. i have the dress and the shoes, and the hippie's tux has been picked out and reserved. we're ready, and i am hoping THEY are--only two weeks to go...


cake 2
this weekend, i had a little shower for kylie. you know, i threw another shower earlier this year for my friend sonya, and i am ashamed to admit that i still have not posted the pictures from that shower--just deplorable. the only picture i have online from that one is her cake. shame on me. anyway--i have done a little better this time, but that's probably because i just have so few pictures--hard to coordinate everything and still take a lot of pictures. i am into the brunch shower--sonya's was a brunch at our friend kerstin's house, for which kerstin and i cooked everything but the cake ourselves, but since i was going this one alone, i decided to have it at porter's tavern, a restaurant that both kylie and i love. i bought little pansy vases and took them to the flower lady at the farmer's market so she could make little bouquets in them for me, which i thought made for a lovely table. and i got a cake from edible art* for kylie that was a tiny replica of the wedding cake she originally wanted. i have to say--having a shower at a restaurant is a great option if you are a working girl throwing it all by yourself! it was easy and fun and went off without a hitch. (we won't talk about the day before the shower when my car died and had to be towed in the middle of errand-running...) AND i didn't have to clean my house for it or worry about space or food/cat allergies. yay for a successful day! and no--you won't see any pictures of kylie in the tiny set of pictures i have on flickr--she hates having her picture taken even more than i do!

* a word on edible art--their cakes are scrumptious and beautiful, but if you want a specific color, take them an actual color sample--twice now i have gotten cakes that were WILDLY off from the order. sonya's was supposed to be blush pink, and it was definitely hot pink, like a 12-year-old girl's birthday cake. and when i went to pick up kylie's pale blue cake with white filagree--it was BRIGHT teal! i made them redo that one, and they were really nice about fixing it, but man--what a pain!!! that was 40 minutes in the middle of my errand-packed day that i ended up sitting in their cafe just waiting, and i didn't even have my knitting with me!


Urban Docent said...

Those cakes look good enough to eat.

Meredith said...

Those little bouquets are gorgeous! Way to go Flower Lady! :)

jackie said...

they are FABULOUS, urban docent! i am not kidding--if you are ever in the raleigh area, it's worth heading to their cafe for a piece or two of the cakes.

and yes, meredith--i LOVE my flower lady! she is friendly and does beautiful work--if we ever get around to having the shacked-up-for-life party we keep talking ab out, she's definitely doing the flowers!