Wednesday, August 02, 2006

i'm out of here

as you see, i am not finished with adam's sweater as i had hoped i would be by today. i will be knitting like a fiend on the plane as i fly to boston here in just a minute. hopefully i will be able to finish this up by friday when i will get to see my girlfriends up in boston! i am flying up today to go here and meet the hippie who's already there, probably sitting in class as we speak. lucky for me, it's supposed to be even hotter in boston today than it is here in raleigh, and that's saying something, my friends. the high in boston today is supposed to be around 100 nasty-ass humid degrees! YUCK. (perfect weather for knitting up a wool sweater, wouldn't you say?) but i plan to have a good time inspite of this madness. i will shop and eat and surround myself with art and friends, and i get to have a romantic evening out with the hippie to boot! y'all have a good weekend, too--i will be back on monday.


allegra918 said...

Hey Jackie
Have a great trip! and Nice Camera!! Hope to see many pics!

Samantha said...

Glad ya'll came it was good to see you both. :-) Miss you already.