Thursday, August 31, 2006

zombie in the rain

the hippie and i are off to see rob zombie and godsmack in ernesto's pouring rain in charlotte tonight. i have gotten over mourning over the fact that the weather is not appropriate to wear my new rocker girl sandals and a short black skirt, and have instead opted for the ever practical jeans and black t-shirt with shoes i don't mind getting wet in. i have to say--concerts in the rain tend to get a bit out of hand, so i think this might actually be fun. as the hippie's YM status has said all day, "tickets, $90... 150 miles worth of gas, $50... going to see Master Zombie in a hurricane? priceless."


Flaurella said...

Jackie, are you and Mr. Hippie okay? Do you have electricity? No flooding at your place, right? (just soggy?) Had to check on you. Are you still going to head up to PA for the wedding?

Zap me an E at flaurella at alltel dot com. Wanting to make sure y'all are okay.

Stay safe this weekend.
FLA ~ said...

hey girl, we were there and loved it! Can't say I am a Zombie fan, but their drummer is great. The lead guitar hid his talent until the end (why?) but he was amazing!

As for Godsmack - that was priceless - worth the hike up the hill in the rain - in 3" of water - worth waiting 20 min for a beer in running water and rain, wondering if the water was rain or pee from the uphill restrooms (thought I was in Jaimaca), the helicopter rocket opening, to the dual drum kit performance. Hope you had a great time -Orion

jackie said...

hey y'all--just saw these comments, so sorry for the delay in responding--blogger's not emailing me like it's supposed to!!!

anyway--yes, flaurella, we survived! it just rained and rained, but we didn't even get flooded--it's all good.

and orion--YES! that concert was just awesome! i finally got around to putting up a couple of pics of it, and i am still wishing we could go again! thanks for stopping by and comiserating. :)