Thursday, August 24, 2006


is there anything better in this world than a friend who will come hang out with you while you clean your house and just BE there? someone who will sip a beverage and flip through magazines and talk to you, making the whole cleaning thing rather pleasant? last night, this role was wonderfully fulfilled by our friend amy, who came home with us after dance class. i set her up with an apple martini, and she just hung out--she even dried the dishes!!! i admit, i had a little 'tini myself, which certainly made the time go by faster--it was 1am nefore we knew it! my birthday turned out to be pretty nice, especially given how much we needed to accomplish. the hippie took me to porter's for dinner, where i had my favorite calimari, a couple of glasses of fabulous red wine, a filet woth potatoes gratin and french green beans, and some wonderful peach pie with a little pink candle in it. dance class was a hoot as always, and thanks to amy and the martinis, cleaning wasn't so bad, either. plus, the folks in dance class refused to believe my age, which was an bit of an unexpected bonus. a girl could definitely do worse! :)


amy said...

anytime woman!
when the appletinis are that good, its all good.

Samantha said...

Yay! for a nice birthday and good friends and martini's

:-) happy birthday man

Laura said...

Mmmmm! Maybe I need to know how to make one of those appletini thingies. heh And you just can't beat having a good friend come over and chat the night away while you're busy with something as rotten as cleaning.

I'm glad your birthday was so great - the photos are great!

Have a nice visit with the ... what's a good word for that? Parents of the live-in? Pseudo in-laws just isn't quite right. I'm sure there's a list of options somewhere on the internet. heh

Anonymous said...

happy belated bday - hope you got my vmail! have a great time with the psuedos, and catch up when you can - by the way, beach sounded great; so glad you could go! kimmie

Meredith said...

I'm glad you ended up having a nice birthday! I wish I could have hung out with you. :)

gray la gran said...

ooooh, you had a birthday! well, happy belated birthday!
you know, anytime you want to clean house and pour drinks for an onlooker, just give me a ring ... i'll bring my knitting bag :)

Flaurella said...

One toonie makes the cleaning go much easier, two toonies causes you not to care if you clean or not.

Sorry I missed your birthday. How the hayell old are you now anyway?? [old lady smiles!]

Gosh, I thought I already said Happy Birthday to you. Maybe that was last year and I am in a time warp. :::pause as the sound of the Twilight Zone Muzak wafts through this blog::::

B I R T H D A Y ! ! !