Thursday, August 10, 2006

stupid world

you know, i am not much of a news person. i think this is mainly because most of the time the news either pisses me off or scares the crap out of me. sensationalism. war. terrorism. blah. i dropped the sam off at the airport today at 5am, and she missed her 6:20 flight because she got caught in the first wave of the new airport security. you know--the kind where they hand search every piece of carry-on luggage and throw away all the toiletries and worse et--the coffee! the sam threw away her toothpaste, her shampoo, her cuticle cream... all because some fundamentalists from another culture decided that mass murder sounded like a good idea. it's such bullshit. it makes me so angry, i can't even speak. it terrifies me. and most of all, at the bottom of everything, i just don't understand it. i get the anger, the politics, the religion, the rage against injustice. but i absolutely cannot, CANNOT identify with people who can look at human life and not see its value. that is so far removed from my world, my upbringing, and my experience that i just can't wrap my head around it. i have a friend who is overseas right now, and i am afraid for her. i am pissed off for the sam, who has been personally affected by terrorism before--she always seems to fly the day of an incident--bad luck i guess. and i know that what i feel about this is the tiniest taste of what some people have to live with every single day. i am spoiled, thank god. i just wish everyone was, and that there didn't need to be sites like this one, which i can't stop reading. i am a spoiled american, and i hate what these people are going through, even though i don't fully understand it. ang god i don't want it brought home to my doorstep! tonight, this is on my mind, and my prayers are with us all.

don't worry--i am not going to suddenly become all political and shit. hopefully tomorrow i will be back in my pleasant head-buried-in-the-sandknitting world.


Samantha said...

I think that it's just in these moments where I feel the calmest, that I am reminded of two things 1) to live life more fully and 2) a quote by plato "Be kind for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle"

Flaurella said...

It's a sorry ass world but it's all we have. I keep trying to trust that sanity and reason will reign supreme.

You'll note that I never get politcal on Flaurella but boy would I like to cut loose one of these days. No - I will not, ever. Life's too short.

Have a good week, Jackie.