Wednesday, August 23, 2006

happy birthday to me!

beach stuff

beach umbrella

today is my birthday! the hippie and i have developed a bit of a birthday tradition, which is that we run away for a fun weekend somewhere on the weekend between his birthday and mine. normally we try to do this on our own, but this time, we had an invitation from ralph and mary to come hang out with them at their beach condo in ocean city maryland--way too good to pass up. expecially since we ALWAYS have a great time with them!!! plus they drunk-called us from a concert to beg, and really, how can you say no to that!? we spent the whole weekend chilling on the beach, drinking, going out, and laughing so much my face is still hurting. or maybe that's my peeling sunburn--it's hard to say. anyway--as a bonus, another friend, chris, was there with his family, so we got to spend some time with them as well. the hippie gave chris's boys some long talks about music and computer programming and managed to fire them both up--quite a feat where teenaged boys are concerned. and the younger kids ran wild all over, so they had a good time, too! we drank too much, played hard, talked a lot, and in general, had an absolutely stellar weekend. getting up at ass-o'clock on monday SUCKED, but man--so worth it! two more weekends of travel, and then we're home for a while--thank GOD!
note: here's the set of beach pictures if you are interested.

rocker girl sandals
in other news, check out my fabulous new rocker girl sandals! the hippie got these for me, and i am in LOVE with them! once again, john fluevog comes through for me! i thought wearing birthday shoes on my actual birthday was a nice touch. i will definitely be sporting these at a handful of upcoming concerts to be sure, although i may need to invest in something short, cute, and fabulous to go with them. and you know, maybe a tiny bit naughty for the hippie's entertainment... might just have to go shopping!

next up, a visit from the psuedo-in-laws--they're coming tomorrow. wish me luck whipping the house into some semblance of order before they get here!


Kristin said...

HAPPY HOYT'N BIRTHDAY!!! Adore the shoes...of course shopping is in really, when isn't shopping appropriate? Have to get back to the chore of setting up my classroom since my mental case ASSistant isn't much help. She puts the 'ass' in assistant. I would blog about it, but I really don't want to risk having her read might push her over the edge. BTW...this is a new assistant, not the one I have adored for the past three years. Bye!

Flaurella said...

Belated Happy Birthday, Jackie!
Didn't get time to read my blog list last night so I am a day late.

Hope your birthday was special and that the new year brings you all you can wish for!

Be Happy!