Monday, November 27, 2006

15 minutes of knitting

nothing like a spontaneous knitting lunch to help make an otherwise blah day more bearable. (headache--yuck!) i only got to knit for a few minutes at lunch, but i managed to cast on and get this far on this fabulously red, big and chunky, double-cabled scarf. it's been a LONG time since i knitted anything so chunky and fast! i should probably just put my head down and focus and finish the purl scarf, but i am kind of sick of purple right now, and i am definitely sick of ribbing. this scarf is my break from that one. and just look how RED it is! it's actually not as pinky-red as it looks in this picture--it's much brighter and more saturated. it's rown big wool, and i LOVE IT! i have been dying to make this scarf for over a month now, and today, i gave in to the urge. after all--i NEED this for christmas!

in other yarnful news, THK finished her elf slippers, and sonya nearly finished this cute little teal sweater she's been making for her niece--it just needs buttons.

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Jacqui said...

Love the red scarf; can't wait to see it finished!

And you've got a kitty-on-a-lap a few posts down that's just like my Tabitha. What is it about kitties and laps that make me go all mushy? lol