Thursday, November 30, 2006

is it that late already?

wow--it's the last day of november. and i have actually posted every day this month in spite of some sketchy internet access, travel, and a couple of instances of nearly-forgetting-to-post-in-time. i admit i am a teeny bit impressed with myself for actually following through with my commitment. and now i learn that there are PRIZES associated with this thing--who knew? maybe i'll win something. although really--don't hold your breath--i am way more likely to get random harassment from police officers than to win a thing. but that's another story... i did win a wayne's world trivia contest once on the radio in new york city. i got a smashing pumpkins CD that was--wait for it--smashed--when it arrived in the mail. i kid you not. and when i won it, i yelled, "COO-UHL!!!!!" into the phone at an alarmingly high frequency as though i were a 12-year-old girl, which the radio station recorded and proceeded to use on the air for over a year. yeah. i won though. go me.

on the knitting front, let me tell you--it's not my day. there's a mistake in my red cabled scarf (back on ROW THREE, for fuck's sake), and i am faced with every knitter's nightmare decision: to rip or not to rip... so i started something new. did i really have any choice?

also, i broke my knee.


Meredith said...

I don't see the mistake on row three of your red cabled scarf. Unless you're giving it as a gift, I'd just go with it. It's not like there's going to be a hole or something...

What did you do to your knee????

amy m-w said...

How does one break a knee?
Did it happen during the lesson last night?
Hope recovery is easy - if you need anything, let me know.

Flaurella said...

Love the pink and green tree. How did you break your knee? How can they fix that? Details, Woman, details.

Congrats on blogging every day. I loved reading every adundant word.

gray la gran said...

WTF ?!

Kristin said...

WHAT? Breaking one's knee is definitely NOT an "oh, by the way" thing! Ditto Flaurella. Take care of yourself and don't over-do it during recovery.