Sunday, November 19, 2006

dance dance dance!

so i had every intention of showing off the pictures i took at last night's party of the most amazing wine cellar i have ever seen, but alas--the computer is just refusing to cooperate with me! i can't seem to get the pictures uploaded, so you guys are just going to have to wait a day to see anything pretty. sorry!

meanwhile, i can tell you that dance class is just awesome. our teacher, katy masengill is so much fun and so enthusiastic that it's impossible not to both have a wonderful time and learn a ton just being around her. today we had a private lesson with her and also went to the open house our studio. occasionally holds, and we danced in a quicky little cha cha exhibition--it's so much fun we don't even notice the people watching us. and tonight, the hippie and i apparently got a little bit of a applause that we didn't notice because we were too busy dancing. so go us, i guess! :) we have two classes left in our current dance class, ane we just signed up for a round of 5 private lessons and for our next group class, bronze III--i can't wait! if you have ever thought about learning ballroom dance of any kind, i say go! learn it now! you absolutely will not be sorry.

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Anonymous said...

i am so happy for you! and so jealous, you know, would love to be there to join in! love~pseudo mom in law