Sunday, November 05, 2006

tough morning

sitting in starbucks with the sam, hanging out and drinking some much-needed tea before heading to a post-wedding brunch and then a day of shopping. the wedding was beautiful, and steve and tiffany made me cry more than once. it was awesome to send some time with old friends and make some new ones, but the hippie--he was sorely missed. they were playing some great dance music, and i had no hippie to dance with.

shifted fire tot the bookstore for a bit. i'm gonna go read some knitting books. let me tell y'all, life is hard this morning.

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Jan Poston Day said...

Sounds like the wedding was a blast. I mentioned your trip and the hippie's chicken pox to Karen who had no clue. Karen told me that she was out and about yesterday and happened upon Stitch DC's Georgetown store. She said she almost got her Blackberry out and emailed us on the spot. I replied, "How many times to you need to be hit on the head with a skein before you give in and learn to knit? Feel the Force!" She laughed and skeedaddled of my office I think because she was afraid there really is a Knitting Force after her!