Sunday, November 12, 2006

more weekend knitting

man, i am tired. THK came over today for the knitting and cooking that has become our sunday tradition. i spent most of the day working on ella's hoodie--finished a sleeve and started the other one. but man, i am too tired to go take a picture of my progress. i also fixed the neck of adam's sweater--i had bound it off so tightly that it wouldn't go over his head! it's better now, and it wasn't that hard to fix. so while i'm at it, i decided to go ahead and loosen the sleeves, too. in other news from today, we had a banana bread bake-off, and we also made chicken and dumplings that were so good and so comforting that we both nearly fell asleep after. i still may...
note: THK's pictures of the chicken and dumplings start here. she did an awfully good job of documenting the process!

other things that are afoot in my knitting world? ('cause y'all know i can't have just one thing going at once!)

i am way into these simple little wash cloths. i am just sitting down with my vogue stitchionary and picking a random, interesting-looking stitch or using a simple stitch i already know for each one, so they are all different. my plan is to include them as part of the christmas presents for my nieces this year. the nieces (there are a lot of them) are appreciative of handmade things and things that smell good. these wash cloths are awesome because they are fast, cheap, cute, and utterly, totally practical. they're really great for knitting in front of the TV or for when you brain is tired.

purl scarf, wip
my new love is this lovely: purl scarl from joelle hoverson's last minutes knitted gifts. the picture does not begin to do this thing justice--the colors are so rich and vibrant, and the texture is just soft and squishy and divine. if i could afford it, i would make one of these for everyone i know. it's the simplest thing to knit, just a 1x1 rib, but it's fun just to watch the texture of my 3 yarns come together. i think i might be keeping this one for ME! i seem to be on a purple thing lately. if you recal, my clapotis was also very purple-themed, the koigu i bought to make some socks is also purlply-blue, i just finished knitting a purple bag to felt, and i don't know--i am just gravitating toward it. too bad my favorite purple sweater has a MOTH HOLE in it!!! but as usual, i digress...

i think it's past time for strangely tired jackies to go to bed.

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gray la gran said...

from my experience, chicken & dumplings are excellent for breakfast too!