Monday, November 06, 2006

zip. zilch. nada.

i made it home without incident, and was surrounded by nice benign people on my flight. i didn't have any delays. there were no rude people in my whole day. in fact, people rushed to my aid. the hippie's still sick, and as far as i can tell, barely left the house while i was away. the cats are healthy and lazy as always. i have no idea what a girl has to do to get some good blog fodder around here! i DID manage to finish the hood on ella's hoodie today while flying, but alas--i have no pictures to prove it. my pictures from the weekend are all calmly resting on the SD card where they were born, waiting for me to have time and energy to deal with them. so. screw this--no blog post for you people today. i got nothing to say.

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