Wednesday, November 15, 2006

whoo hoo!

today in an instant messaging conversation with a work friend about thanksgiving and food and ordering turkeys and the glories of free range meats, etc., i was mourning the fact that there's no trader joe's anywhere near me and writhing in jealousy over the fact that she has three of them. (which is SO not fair, by the way!) in fact, the closest one is in virginia. or well--it WAS. i just learned that a new trader joe's is opening less than 8 miles from me, and i am BESIDE MYSELF with excitement! i will be in there on november 27th with bells on!!!

in other news, go look at this. that thing makes me want a loom. bad.

and thanks, laura, for sending folks my way to see the baby hat i'm making from your yarn. a big HEY to laura's folks! :)

UPDATE: my friends apparently all hate me. they ALL know about the trader joe's already and none of them told me. not one. where is the love, people!??


gray la gran said...

we're getting a trader joe's ? your friends must hate me too 'cause i'm the LAST to know.

Flaurella said...

I really like it when you post every day. I am currently doing NoBlogFla - no posts for weeks at a time. [snort]

We don't have Trader Joe's either. Wish we did, but we are soon getting a new Fresh Market. I love FM and before this, the closest one was 2.5 hours away. I am so excited to finally get a Fresh Market that I know how you feel.

BTW, I admire your freezer contents.

Tucker sends peanut butter-breath kisses.

Meredith said...

I don't hate you. :) But I also didn't know about Trader Joe's. I actually don't even know what it is...