Monday, November 20, 2006


the party we attended on saturday night was at the home of the woman who used to head up the start-up the hippie was working for until it went belly-up last april. she's an amazingly smart woman, very driven, very opinionated, sarcastic and a tad caustic at times, and i really like her! she and her husband have made some wise decisions along the way, and they have the house to prove it! their wine cellar was the most amazing thing i have ever seen in a private home, and i spent so much time drooling on it that i decided it deserved its own blog post.

wine cellar

wine cellar, box tops

wine cellar, hallway
above is the main section of the cellar, with half a wall of champagne, some big italian reds and a lot of california wines. it just seemed to go on forever.
the shelving throughout the cellar is handmade redwood, the floor is stone tile, and there is a triple-paned glass wall between the cellar and the rest of the basement, which consisted of a den, a bar, a game room, and a larger porch/patio where live music was playing. (i admit to not paying much attention to the music--i was way too distracted by the wine and by talking to people--two of my favorite things. but i digress...) there are a number of larger format bottles of wine from magnum sized up to 9 liters (!!!), and the area behind the large bottles is covered with crate tops from wines they have ordered in the past, which is just lovely--probably my favorite part of the whole thing. the doors to the cellar are stained glass in a grape vine pattern, and there are also a number of paintings in evidence. the whole thing is kept at a cool, humid 53 degrees. in all, there are about 4000 bottles of wine. we're operating on a slightly smaller scale at our house. we tend to drink wine as it comes through the door with only a few notable exceptions. these live in our four wall-mounted stainless steel ikea wine racks. we dream of one day having this in our future dining room, but for now, we're good. if we ever DO get around to building a proper cellar, i know where i'm going for advice!

more pictures from this awesome cellar can be found here.


Laura said...

Wow. Isn't that amazing? occasionally we get to visit with someone that has amazing stuff. I always hope that I didn't embarrass myself without knowing it. I think "are they ever amazed by other people's stuff?" hehe They probably hold back the drool better than I do.

happylaney said...

That really is an amazing wine cellar, worth drool, for sure. Did you just look at it, or actually drink some?

jackie said...

oh, i absolutely drank some! i had a lovely glass of rose champagne and a really big round italian red something-or-other. i also tried a couple of other reds, but they were both napa cabs, which are not my fave--too acidic!