Friday, November 10, 2006

rant: 'tis NOT the season!

can we just talk for a minute about how it's NOT the christmas season yet? i know i am not the only one who feels this way--i see stuff about this every year. but jesus, they have REALLY gone too far this time! it was bad enough that target had christmas cards out just around the aisle from the halloween candy at the beginning of october. hell, it was bad enough that there was halloween candy out in friggin' august! but i just could not believe it this morning when i was driving to work, trying to find one song that didn't suck on the radio, and i came across, not one, but THREE different radio stations playing nothing but holiday music from now through new year's. WHAT??!?! is thanksgiving not even a real holiday anymore??? or is it just that the marketing people can't come up with enough merchandise to make it worth their while to bother with what is probably my favorite holiday of the year? sheesh! this whole thing just makes my ass twitch.

y'all can go ahead and be jolly all you want, but i am having no part of it until the day AFTER thanksgiving!

you know, i haven't written a rant in a long time. feels good!


Kristin said...

My favorite blogs (speaking about the ones I write) are the rants. AFter that, I like my sarcastic ones. Don't get me wrong, I love writing about my family BUT... I feel different - powerful even - after a good rant! I LOATHE Christmas "beginning" so early. Daughter's b-day is in early Dec. so I hold off until that is out of the way. THis barage so soon makes me feel kinda like a loser for putting it off, but I like to separate her birthday from Christmas as much as possible.

Ritardo said...

I pointed this out yesterday to my wife. We haven't even buried Halloween yet. Christmas is great if you eliminate the shopping. And you don't see signs of it until after thanksgiving.

gray la gran said...

i'm probably somewhat in a minority. i understand that industry grabs on to christmas asap due to sales. i've come to accept that once the weather has turned cooler, we've adjusted our clocks, and we have several months in row of big holidays to celebrate, that this is just the holiday season. and i'm over it if macys or target chooses to start recognizing it early. i mean, thanksgiving is just a big fat meal all in the middle of it!
my favorite part of the holiday season ... the lights. the decorations, the parties. and i will take as much of that as i can get :)
something about january just feels like a let down. that's when i really can get cold around here. the holidays are done. and things are just blah.
we can talk about it on sunday :)

jackie said...

hey gray--i don't wholly disagree with all that. but for my family, t-day is the best holiday of the year, when we can get together without the pressure of christmas. and i totally agree that the decorations and the lights and the parties are the best part of the christmas season, which i love--but who puts those things up before thanksgiving?? don't worry--the second thanksgiving's over, i'll be in there shopping and decorating with the rest of them!!! :)

and you're right--january sucks.