Thursday, November 09, 2006

better day

sonya crocheting
today was unseasonably warm--right around 70 degrees and sunny. my friend sonya took the week off, but still came in for our tuesday/thursday yarn lunch. she and our friend kerstin and i leave our work behind for a while twice a week and hide in a conference room or sneak outside for some fiber happiness. we've been doing this long enough that people have started calling us the knitting club, which is, you know, not quite right. we're all yarn people here, but as you see--sonya's crocheting, not knitting. silly ignorant work people! anyway--today's yarn lunch was remarkable pleasant. our friend tina (not a knitter OR a crocheter) came to hang out, which was nice. and just look at this picture of sonya--look at how happy/content she looks. yarn--it's good for the soul.
bag of noro
speaking of yarn, i am still loving this noro silk garden more than i can say. just look at the colors! tonight while watching grey's, i decided to take a hoodie break and play with my new yarns. and you know--they just weren't my silk garden. i shoulda just stuck with the sleeve i have half knitted. live and learn, people. live and learn...

so as you can tell, last night's funk has pretty well worn off. not sure what was up with that. hormones, maybe? maybe just adjusting to the hippie being gone for so long... whatever it was, i sprayed it with some funk-be-gone®, and i am way better now. i'm off to curl up with the kitties and read about presidents. y'all have a good night.


gray la gran said...

where can i get some "funk be gone" for when i need it?!

shuna fish lydon said...

I made my tea cozy with that Noro. It is utterly wonderful to knit with, and the silk in it makes the tea stay warm even longer than if it were wool!

Thanks for leaving a comment on eggbeater!

(Although I am a Yankee I am considered a close Southerner by my friends-- it was the first cuisine I began baking!)

Tea said...

I love that photo of the yarn and needles. Beautiful!