Wednesday, November 29, 2006

may all your offices be bright

office tree

today at lunch, i braved the mall and made a ninja strike on a couple of stores to pick up this ridiculous lime green and silver tinsel tree for my office. then i came back and decorated it. i LOVE it--and yes, i also think it's hilarious. i had a seriously hard time deciding between this tree, a silver one, or a pink one, but something about this one just appealed to me. i think it might need a little silver tinsel ON it though. and it DEFINITELY needs a little tree skirt. maybe this is a good time for SOMEONE to teach me to crochet so i can make one out of some obnoxiously bright pink and green red heart yarn. hmmmm. i wonder who's obsessed with holiday crochet right now?

after finishing up the tree and doing a modicum of actual work, i enjoyed a nice cup of afternoon tea with this delightful little apple pastry made by my friend sonya. so YUM. she claims these are easy to make (which i am not at all sure i buy), so i am going to have to get this recipe. all i can tell you right now is this: it involves muffin pans, frozen puff pastry, butter, apples, cinnamon, and apricot jam. i am ALL ABOUT some holiday baking over here people.

in other news, we had a first last night--the hippie was knitting while i was NOT knitting. he's all into the cigar gloves he's making. i did knit enough to show him how to unzip the fabric and fix a mistake instead of ripping all the work back, but that was only after a fit that involved a lot of curse words and some hurling of a half finished glove across the table. but hey--who hasn't been THERE??!


gray la gran said...

that is such a cute tree! it's a girly tree too :)
you're right, it does need a red heart skirt ... time for you to become a hooker i think.

Laura said...

I totally LOVE the tree!!! And I really did laugh out loud when I read that he hurled the glove with a shower of cursing. hehehehehe