Thursday, November 02, 2006

hoodie, a work in progress

ella's hoodie, body finished
so i am cranking along on ella's hoodie. as is my way, i have abandoned all else to work on this, the project du jour. the body is done (and this picture really does NOT do it justice!), and i just have the hood and sleeves to go. yay! i actually started the hood just a few minutes ago (knitting lunch at work--my favorite), but there's not enough to show yet to bother taking a picture. i have to tell you, i am in love with the silk garden--it has a lovely weight and i think blocking is going to make it wonderfully drapey, too. nevermind those little bits of stick and rock i keep picking out--look at the fabulous saturated colors instead! it's really a dream in person!

tomorrow, i will be flying to phoenix for my friend steve's wedding, so i am hoping to make some good progress on the plane. the hippie, sadly will not be coming--he is home suffering from the chicken pox, of all things. and while i am very sad about this and the fact that i will now be traveling alone, i believe the knitting will see me through. that is, IF i can make it out of here early enough to get some non-metal needles with which to knit. (i'll miss you, addi turbos!) maybe if i am lucky, they'll actually have the size i need at the LYS this time. anyway--wish me a good trip tomorrow, people. on the other end of the flight will be not only steve and his lovely bride, but also the sam and many other friends from work-that-was. i can't wait to see them all!


gray la gran said...

silk garden makes my mouth water too ! it IS lovely, and will block out beautifully with all its silky drape.
happy travels, be safe, have fun, knit lots, find the phoenix LYS and stitch-n-bitch, bring back loot, lots of pictures, and great memories :)
and i will cry and remember sundays at jackie's ....

yarnmaniac said...

It's gorgeous!!