Thursday, November 23, 2006

thankful for sleeves

ella's hoodie, with sleeves
thanksgiving with the family--some of it good and some not so good, as always. mostly good. i am quite tired, and i didn't take any pictures like i had intended. except for this one. check out the sleeves on ella's hoodie! its coming along quite nicely, even if i did screw up the cuff on the left sleeve, which i will now have to redo. (forgot to change to the small sized needles when i was supposed least it's just 6 little rows!) that, i will fix in the morning when i am more alert and have had a bit less wine. meanwhile, i hope you all had a fabulus holiday and are all sleeping off the turkey to pleasant dreams--i know i will be in about five minutes.

UPDATE: after 7 attempts to upload a single picture to flickr, i give up! they are apparently having some server problems over there and that means i will post the updated picture of ella's hoodie in the morning. sorry people! stupid servers...

baby blanket, by sonya
in the meantime, here's a picture i've been meaning to show you anyway. this is the baby blanket my friend sonya's been crocheting for her cousin's baby-to-be, which was made to match this fabulous crib sheet she found. i LOVE it! i tell you, between it and this, i REALLY think i must learn to crochet! (AFTER christmas!) anyway--night, y'all.

UPDATE the second: picture uploaded on the hippie's computer. (having a geeky boyfriend ROCKS!) aparently the problem here is not flickr and/or yahoo, but my own computer, which has betrayed me. technology--she's a bitch.


Laura said...

Aww that precious Noro sweater will be finished before you know it. Did you ever say how many skeins of yarn it's coming out to be? Actually I'd like one for myself. hehe

The pink blanket does match that crib sheet SO perfectly! SWEET!

allegra918 said...

The Hoodie is fantastic!