Thursday, November 16, 2006

instant gratification

finished! possibly the quickest finished object i have ever produced. and how cute did this little hat turn out?? the pattern is the baby hat in leigh radford's one skein, and it's just adorable. i am still loving laura's handspun corriedale wool (which she dyed herself and spun and navajo plyed--did i mention that?), and i am really glad i happened to have that delicious creamy kidsilk haze on hand to put with it. (laura says she thinks it looks like it's knitted with angel feathers, which pleases me immensely. i am awfully glad that she's pleased with what i have done with her yarn!) and i also love the 9-point symmetry on the top of the hat--something satisfying about that. anyway--the one thing about this hat: the pattern says i have made the size for a 12-18 month old child, and my gauge is dead on. and well--there is NO WAY this hat is going to fit a child of that age--it's more like a 3-4 year old sized hat. i mean, i can put it on MY head without a struggle, and it's not THAT much too small. so. if you decide to make the hat, be aware--if you added one more 18-stitch repeat of that lace at the bottom and made it an inch or so longer, you would have a grown-up hat. which is just what i'll do next time.


allegra918 said...

glad to know about the hat...i was thinking of making one for a newborn. your hat looks divine!

Laura said...

Well that is about the sweetest thing I've ever seen. You did a beautiful job. And I know what you mean about baby hats and baby heads. I think it's nearly impossible to write a pattern and knit a hat that will actually fit a baby's head properly. hehe

I'm so glad you enjoyed the yarn and what a compliment that you felt so compelled to knit with it right away! How much was left over?