Wednesday, November 08, 2006


i missed my dance class tonight through sheer negligence. i fell asleep on the couch. maybe i am fighting off some mutant strain of the hippie's head cold or somehting, but whatever--i fell asleep and woke up half way through class. loser.

in other news, tonight my father sent me an email filled with jokes about fat people finding excuses to not exercise. that sure made me feel good about life. no matter how long i live, i will never get why he does these things. does he WANT me to feel bad? at least now that i am older, it just makes me maudin and a bit analytical instead of filling me with rage like it did when i was fifteen and he was making sarcastic comments about how he liked his women fat.

on second thought, maybe rage was better.

foul mood. miss the hippie. going to bed.


gray la gran said...

good morning, sunshine!
i hope you're feeling better today :)
you know what always make me feel better? ... fresh yarn !

Anonymous said...

just gotta love the fathers and their comments. i need not say more, you and i have been all over this one. just know that WE think you're beautiful and love you! ~pseudo-mom-in-law:)