Friday, November 03, 2006

sticks on a plane

in keeping with my commitment to NaBloPoMo, i am blogging today (and all weekend) in spite of the fact that i have no computer and am, in fact, writing this while on a plane using the memo function on my phone. you must therefore be extra tolerant of my atrrocious typos! i am on my way to phoenix where I will have an afternoon unexpectedly to myself. no worries though--i have done some research and am equipped with the addresses of no less than 4 yarn stores. that's more than enough to keep a jackie occupied. :) i am 1/2 way through the hood on ella's hoodie already--whoo hoo! but at the top, i will have to learn the dreaded kitchener stitch. i'm just praying someone at one of the yarn stores will be able to help! y'all wish me luck, i have to say, it cracks me up that i can get on a plane with 14-inch sharpened ebony wood sticks that are 1/2 an inch thick, but a sealed bottle of water is off limits. now, THAT'S security!


gray la gran said...

hmmmm ... buffy the vampire stake vs. holy water. i vote for buffy!
did i tell you about the comedian that thinks passengers should be allowed to pack arms? i mean, who's going to jack a plane full of people with guns and knives?!
have a safe trip, buy lots of loot, and have a good mexican meal :)
and, i will whimper on sunday, missing my "knitting date".

Anonymous said...

could you hollow out those lethal sticks to conceal a few ounces of thirst-quenching water? you could jack the plane and then satisfy your thirst while piloting the plane. big brother watching...reading my insignificant blog comment and now going to knock down my unlocked door b/c i am a terror suspect? better use an alias...let's see, what will be familiar yet foreign? how about hoyt?